Unisex Custom Sweatshirt Roulette

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IMPORTANT NOTICE - Please just select white as thread colour. Obviously this is VOID but I can't remove it from the listing! 

We've only gone and stolen this amazing idea from our fellow small business owner Liv Like Busby, because it's just too good not to copy!

We will be doing a INSTAGRAM live session on Friday the 30TH SEPT at 7pm where you will get to be one of only 20-30 people to grab a sweatshirt through the wonderful game of roulette.


Purchase your size on this listing and add your INSTAGRAM handle to notes.

Join the live on Friday the 30TH SEPT

Your INSTAGRAM handle (name) will be called out before we start your spin, to check you're there! 

You will get a chance to risk a re-spin of the roulette wheel 3 times. The wheel will decide your sweatshirt colour and thread colour combo! If you're not happy with your first spin you can choose to ditch it and spin again, you will be limited to 3 spins so if you risk a re-spin you'll be taking home spin 3. There will be tons of colour options you would've never seen from us before! 

Here's the best part. By opting to join in on this you will be getting a sweatshirt at a discounted rate and access to lots of colours in sweatshirt and thread you wouldn't usually. (You can also use REP CODES for further discount!) 

A super fun evening and the opportunity to get access to sooo many colour options! What could be better. 

Disclaimer: This product is reduced as a garment, this is due to us using this as a opportunity to interact with you and get an idea of what colours our audience enjoys. If it happens that you are not happy with any of the 3 spins, there will not be a opportunity to re-spin any further. This is the risk you take for a discounted product and a night of fun! 

PLEASE NOTE: Colour options are different between the basic and organic range. Organic range is also slightly thicker jumpers by about 30gsm.