Unisex Kids / Babies Mystery Box - Custom Embroidery

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Our mystery boxes will be split into the following 

£25 Mystery Box - 1-2 items 

£50 Mystery Box - 2+ Items

As you'll see from the options available you really could get anything! You can upload photos to your order and I will use the best ones and create the best style artwork to suit them. You can also opt to not upload photos and just pop me notes on the breeds / species, object or writing you'd like to see. Please do make use of all the options and notes boxes as I will be working hard to make sure every single mystery order is LOVED, but remember nothing is guaranteed and this is for fun and mystery (Of course this means these boxes are non refundable unless faulty) 


How will you work out what to send me? 

When creating your box I will be making sure you save at least 20-30% off what you would’ve spent if ordering from me normally. 

That includes garment/item, embroidery and artwork creation to factor in.

For example if you go for a £50 box but request a new fun idea with new photos you may end up with less items than someone who went existing artwork. Or if you go existing artwork but request additional sleeve embroidery or a add on if some kind again you may end up with less items than someone who went single existing silhouette on all items. 

It will all be selected fairly for the price.

Can I select the artwork?

You can pop in the artwork box what you'd quite like to see, but nothing will be guaranteed. If you decide to upload photos I will use the photos you supply to create what I believe will work best using them. Please don’t send me lots of different pets photos and hope I do something with for example 10 different pets from in-cohesive photos together because you will be disappointed when I absolutely don’t do that artwork🤣🤣 


Can I use my existing artwork?

You can pop in the artwork box a description of your existing artwork you'd like to be used and I will try my best to use it. Again this won't be guaranteed, but if it works on the garment I'm picking then I will use it. 

Can I choose the placement of the artwork?

Simple answer to this is no. Because no garment is guaranteed you could get something with a zip that doesn't allow for specific placement or your artwork could end up too big to fit side for example. So for the mystery boxes this is not something you will select.

Can I pick my thread colour?

Again simple answer to this is no. As you won't know the colour of what you're getting... it could really end up a mess haha! Please make use of the colour box to tell me any colours you hate or love and I'll work with that, but thread colour won't be a choice for this. 

Will there be sleeve embroidery?

For some items where I deem it suitable I may add sleeve embroidery. If you want to let me know your pets or persons names please do and make sure to let me know who is who in the photos :P 

How do I know what size to go for?

If you haven't bought from us before please use our sizing page and you'll find a woman's fit reference too. If you prefer things oversized on top like jumpers etc, select your normal size and pop in the notes that you'd like to go oversized and what sort of items you would usually go oversized on. For example 'I usually go oversized on jumpers' 

What sort of items will come in the boxes?

Really anything that can be embroidered! I will be selecting items based on your order selections and previous orders. This could be anything from jumpers, hoodies, tee shirts, hats, bags, blankets, leggings, cycle shorts and more. 

Can I request or exclude specific items?

Absolutely. You'll spot in the options that I really want to know what items you'd like to have and what you would absolutely not wear. Please make sure to spend time on these notes boxes so I can get you the prefect mystery! 

Why do you have a box for gender?

Some of the items are gender fit specific such a cycle shorts, leggings etc. This box does not need to be filled and is simply if you would like to let me know to open up to more 'woman' fit items like the aforementioned. 

What if I don't have or want a pet and would just like something more generic?

Amazing! I'd love to create something for you! Just let me know know what animals, breeds, slogans, or even flowers etc that you like and I'll create something for you. That could be a rose with a name underneath or a penguin haha anything really. Pop as much detail or as little detail as you like and I'll work my magic. 

When will I receive my mystery box?

The turnaround on mystery boxes will be 10-14 working days til dispatched. I then send via tracked48 royal mail.